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India’s Most Haunted Places – A Quick Visit

India’s Most Haunted Places 

Friends, you must have heard a lot about ghosts, maybe even in childhood people will scare you that don’t go here, don’t go there … otherwise the ghost will catch you, the witch will take you away! Most of those childhood talks were for laughter, but today I am telling you about some such haunted places in India which can never be taken for granted because these are places where there is not one, not two, but hundreds of people have had horrific experiences.

So let’s know today –

The most haunted places in India

Haunted Place # 1: Bhangarh Fort

Bhangarh Fort, situated between Rajasthan’s Jaipur and Alwar, is considered one of the scariest places in India, about this place, people say that after 12 o’clock in the night, there is a camp of ghosts, and here But no one can spend the night because whoever stays here during the night dies in the morning, many TV serials have been built on this fort of Bhangarh.

How did the fort of Bhangarh become haunted?

According to people, a tantric who lived in 16th century Bhangarh, known as Singhiya, fell in love with the beautiful princess Ratnavati of Bhangarh.

The tantric wanted to get the princess under any circumstances, but he could not do anything, but one day the princess’s friend went to fetch her a hairstyle from the market, when he was returning with oil, the tantric did black magic in him. , so that the princess would come to him as soon as he applied it.

But the princess came to know about his tricks. The princess spilled the oil on the ground. It is said that as soon as the oil fell, it turned into a stone ball and, while rolling, moved towards the tantric and crushed it. The tantric became enraged by this and he gave a curse while dying that Bhangarh would be completely destroyed and those who died would not get liberated…. Soon his curse proved to be true and the Bhangarh fort turned into ruins.

Even today people believe that the soul of all those who died here is wandering here, and many people have died here at night. Due to which the Archaeological Department of India has put a board here that after the evening and before dawn it is forbidden to enter this fort.

Haunted Place # 2: Delhi’s Cantonment Area

The Cant Area of Delhi, the capital of India, is also a haunt of ghosts. It is said about this area that during the night a girl asks for a lift from the people here and whoever gives a lift to that girl, something untoward happens to them, in this area of Delhi people have many times Saw a woman wearing a white sari asking for a lift.

People also say that if someone refuses to give her a lift, then she starts chasing her at a fast pace. Let us also tell you that many people have seen that the woman overtakes them even faster than their car and this scene is very scary.

Haunted place # 3: Savoy Hotel (Mussoorie)

People here believe that a British girl was killed in this hotel, and her soul still wanders here, looking for her killer and this place is also known for serial killing because people believe that whenever a girl is killed here – it is because of that same lady – Lady Orme.

Haunted Place # 4: Shaniwarwada Fort (Pune)

In this fort, many times the voice of people is heard groaning, here Peshwao had the right, at that time, a boy named Prince Narayan of Peshwao was murdered at the behest of his aunt, since then the soul of that Prince is wandering here. Horror screams are heard here at night, this place becomes the most frightening and terrible in the moonlit night.

Haunted Place # 5: Vrindavan Society

This place is an AC place where people do not even dare to go at night, it is believed that a few years ago a person jumped from the building of the society and committed suicide, now the soul of that person is being seen by the people. 

Haunted Place # 6: Raj Kiran Hotel (Mumbai)

Raj Kiran Hotel which is in Lonavla, one room of this hotel is in the grip of spirits, and no one can dare to stay here. People say that while sleeping at night, someone pulls out their sheets and strange sounds are also heard, sometimes an attempt has been made to injure the people.

Haunted Place # 7: Ramoji Film City (Hyderabad)

This is a place where there was a cemetery earlier and the spirits of that cemetery still wander here, and all those souls belong to the dead soldiers. Also tell you that during the shooting here, the lightmen and cameraman were also very badly injured. is.

Haunted Place # 8: Dr. Hills (West Bengal)

Many people have been killed in the dense forest here, according to local people, they feel the paranormal activities here.

Haunted Place # 9: Brij Raj Bhavan (Kota)

Here in the battle of 1857, a British military officer was killed. The soul of that officer wanders here at night. People say about this place that this spirit does not bother anyone, but if the watchman falls asleep while guarding the night, he wakes him up with a loud slap.

Haunted Place # 10: GP Block, Meerut

People often see four boys drinking beer on the roof of this double story building at this place and no one is there. Sometimes people have seen some girls wearing red clothes here.

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