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Some Fitness Tips for Staying Healthy While Traveling

Some Fitness Tips for Staying Healthy While Traveling


Travelling is wonderful and it is the best way of getting off from a busy routine, stress and anxiety. It’s a great way by which you can spend quality time with your friends and family. But if you keep on travelling for a longer time period, it becomes hectic and stressful for you sometimes. So, I will tell you some strategies which you can adopt while travelling to remain fit and healthy.

Is it ok to gain a few pounds while travelling?

If you are travelling for a week, you don’t bother yourself in focusing on what you are eating and on your overall health. Mostly you eat junk or fast food during trips by consuming these foods you may feel less energetic and you may not feel good due to lack of endorphin secretion which is released during exercise that is “feel good” hormone. It’s ok if you put on some extra pounds while travelling, you can drop them in a few weeks by continuous exercise and through proper diet control, consider exercising in comfortable outfits and by taking healthy nutrition.

Keeping up immune system strong while travelling

Before travelling you should consider a few fitness tips which can help you to boost up your immune system that is adequate sleep, regular exercise, taking healthy food, and taking vitamin c supplements which play an efficient role in boosting up your immunity, and it also helps in fighting against harmful bacteria.

How do I protect myself from COVID-19 while travelling

Before travelling you must take some suggestions from COVID-19 travel advisories. Based on coronavirus pandemic CDC suggests that older people or those people who are going through some chronic disease should avoid non-essential travelling. Avoid occupying yourself in a crowd and gatherings. If you are travelling with someone, you must think about their health, whether they are healthy and not going through a serious illness.


The foremost important thing for staying fit during travelling is exercise. All you need to do is a 15 minutes workout which you can also do in your hotel room and it seems sensible enough right ? or you can go for a walk, doing online yoga by staying safe in a room, or bicycling which can also be adventurous because you can explore new things and places. You can feel active by total body workout which you may get from various apps.

Eating habits while travelling

Of Course, you should opt for a healthy breakfast or lunch while you are travelling. Dining out as a family may cost you more and can be expensive, so I recommend you to stay in such a place where the kitchen is also provided so that you can cook healthier and fresh food. Try not to skip breakfast and lunch and keep yourself hydrated too.

Making up your own snack bag

Before travelling, try to make your own healthy snack bag. You can take along nuts with you and dried fruits, if you don’t want to just depend upon airline servings.some people may feel less energetic while travelling so yes ! you can also go for several energy drinks.

Keeping yourself hydrated

Before travelling, consider keeping yourself hydrated. Most people get thirsty while travelling but they think they are hungry. So, try to drink excessive amounts of water especially during busy travel days, it will help you to feel focused and energetic. Staying hydrated will also help you to protect yourself from cold which you may get while travelling in a plane.

Getting enough sleep

Getting enough sleep is as important as keeping yourself hydrated and staying active. If you won’t let yourself sleep for like 8 to 9 hours you won’t be able to enjoy your trip. Your body produces two hormones cortisol and ghrelin which make you feel cranky and hungry if you don’t have sufficient sleep at night. So get on the earplugs and eyeshades and try to have proper sleep also have some nap while you are travelling in plane, bus or car.

Listen to your body

During long trips, there come days when you just want to relax and don’t want to do anything, and it’s ok to feel in this way sometimes, of course, you must listen to your body first. Don’t impose an activity when you are not feeling to do it, it may not worth doing it at that time frame when you are not feeling it to do.

So, staying healthy is all about balance, that is in food, taking nutritious snacks, staying hydrated and exercising and taking some days off too is also part of staying fit while travelling.

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