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Some Useful and Diverse Forms of Exercising for Fitness Enthusiasts

Some Useful and Diverse Forms of Exercising for Fitness Enthusiasts


Although exercise is important to remain fit and strong. We choose a variety of exercises and all of them have their own impacts on the body. People choose those exercise which they feel effective. They hardly include one or two exercises for their daily workout. In this way, the effectiveness of another exercise on the body is not achieved. So you should be doing strength training, cardio, and aerobics. There is a number of exercises which you can do and about their benefits on the body.

Speeding up your heart rate by aerobic exercise

Aerobic exercise help in supplying blood to your muscles more efficiently. If you are climbing upstairs you need more supply of oxygen and blood in muscles to keep them working. Aerobic exercise improves the respiration process, improves blood flow, increases cardiovascular activity, maintains blood pressure, promotes HDL level in the body, aid good sleep, and boosts mood. You can do jogging, swimming, dancing, gymnastics, and brisk walk as an aerobic exercise. It prevents us from several diseases like strokes, cancer of the colon and breast, and other heart diseases. Besides it you can do your workout in comfortable outfits to make your workout more efficient.


Squats help in strengthening lower body muscles decreases the risk of several injuries, burn calories, and increase body endurance.

How can I do squats?

  • Stand in such a way with your feet widely away from each other.
  • Now slowly try bending yourself upon your knees, lowering your buttocks as if you are getting yourself in sitting position. Keep your back straight.
  • Maintain good balance
  • Slowly get back to your starting position
  • Repeat this exercise for 8 to 12 times.

Maintaining balance

As we get old maintaining balance is very much important. This could prevent us from fall, and keep us on foot efficiently and we become less dependant on others. Loss of balance in old age is due to the fact that there might be impaired vision, loss of muscle tenderness, and impairment in the inner ear. You can join balance training classes like yoga and tail chi poses. If you are not feeling as if you have a loss of balance, still you can join these classes. Your trainer will help you in figuring out weaknesses in your certain joints so that you should work on them. Balance maintaining exercise includes walking on the heel to toe or standing on one foot, walking on uneven surfaces, and leg lifts exercise. In this way, your trainer can also focus on your joint flexibility.

Strength training

Muscle mass gradually drops when we get old, so due strength training, there is increased muscle mass and strengthening. Similarly, this exercise makes our bones stronger by increasing their density. Likewise due to strength training there become low risk of bone fracture and arthritis, as we get it is important in keeping your bones and muscles stronger. It also reduces the chance of falling and, we can do everyday workout more efficiently which requires lifting.

Examples of strength training

  • Resistance machines
  • Lifting free weights
  • Working with resistance bands
  • Climbing stairs
  • Cycling
  • Walking on mountain
  • Push-ups and sit-ups

 Improving body flexibility

 Flexibility exercises help you maintain physical health and a vast range of motions. Your motion capability is affected due to certain health issues lie arthritis. It also helps to improves balance and postures. Gives you positivity, reduces pain, and increases body strength and endurance.  There are certain ways by which you can perform flexibility exercises.


Yoga improves muscle strength and tone. Help in the reduction of weight improves mental health, improves athlete’s performance, and maintains metabolic process. It also improves cardio and circulatory health.


It is a total body and mind workout.which is combined with stretching and deep breathing involving meditation and deep breathing.


It is cardiovascular exercise. Walking improves our blood circulation, it boosts up your mood, helps in the reduction of weight, strengthening muscles, and also maintain blood pressure, improves our also supports our joints making them stronger.


How to do it

Keep your head up while walking, with your chin, parallel to the ground. keep your shoulders down, strengthen your back, and take steps from heel to toe.




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