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Going for a Road Trip? 5 Must-Haves to Take Along

Road Trip

Going for a road trip is an exotic experience. It’s a great way to unwind and spend quality time with your family and friends. However, there are a number of things that you need to have with you, when heading out to explore a place via roads. Having these things with yourself will ensure that you don’t face any trouble during your trip, and your trip is as joyful as possible.

Road Trip

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Here is a list of a few key things you must take with you when going for a road trip:

1. Maps:

Perhaps, you would begin your tour with a well planned route, but make sure you have the maps of the places through which you would be driving, in case you take detour for avoiding traffic, or for exploring the place simply. A traditional map or an atlas would work, or you may get printouts of custom maps for the tour, using websites like Mapquest Route Planner or GoogleMaps.

You can also consider taking along a Global Positioning System (GPS) gadget. Many travelers don’t leave home without taking the gadget. Many cars consist of built-in navigation systems, but in case your car doesn’t have it, you may buy one for about $100.

2. Travel Apps:

If you have an Android smartphone, iPad, iPod or iPhone, you can access a number of travel applications easily. You can access GPS efficiently, and also apps, which can let you find great places for eating, parks, clean hotels and other attractions.

Using weather applications, you can keep yourself updated about when the weather can go stormy and where the weather is sunny. So, you can decide right on whether to keep moving or head back to home. Moreover, you can access a large number of puzzles, quizzes and games to keep the back seat drivers entertained.

3. Food and Snacks:

Pack loads of healthy snacks for your tour, like crackers and nuts, granola bars, pretzels, fruits and some fun treats. Take some sandwiches along if you plan to drive for a long time in a region with few dining options, or to avoid having fast food. You may also pack up a picnic lunch, for having at a park on the roadside. So, visit the grocery store to save money, as dining out can be quite costly. Pack up some soft drinks and water bottles in one soft-sided cooler. This would be very useful throughout your tour, and won’t even occupy much space in the car. Refill it simply with drinks and ice at the hotel or the destination, and you would be ready for your return trip.

4. Toiletries and Other Essential Things:

Ensure that you have a good stock of cleaning wipes, paper towels, tissues, toiletries, toilet paper and hand sanitizer, in case, there isn’t enough stock of these things in the rest stop. Take the prescription medicines needed, and some basics, such as motion sickness remedies, antacids and pain relievers.

Sunglasses make another must have in a road tour. Apply sunscreen again and again during the tour for preventing sunburn.

Consider adding a basic first aid box in your travel bag, which has a few important items like bandages for any unexpected scrapes and cuts, cortisone cream to heal insect bites, and band-aids and antiseptic for any minor cuts.

5. Spare Keys and Other Tips:

You may be thrilled about the road trip, but don’t let that prevent you from ensuring that your car’s condition is good. Check out the wiper blades and air conditioner to ensure that they are working properly, get the tires inspected and fill them with air and get the oil checked. Have important contact numbers to access roadside assistance easily. Carry your driver’s license as well as insurance card.

In case, you don’t know the way to change flat tires, learn it prior to heading out. Make sure that the jack, along with other useful tools, can be accessed easily, and the spare tire has a good condition. Have a pylon or an orange flag in your emergency tool kit, so that you can make use of it for signaling for help, if required.

Another advice – carry an extra set of keys, in case the first pair gets locked in the car or drops from your pocket. Give the extra set of keys to your travel partner or pack it inside your luggage. Even if you need to seek the help of a locksmith for opening the car, you can drive it after unlocking.

Have these items with you when you head out for your road trip, and make sure your tour gives you a pleasant experience.

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