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Magnificent Churches in Goa

There is a certain holy element to Goa tourism, which many people may not be aware of. Well, one can’t be blamed as Goa by and large simply conjures images of beaches, seafood, cheap booze, and high voltage parties. All this probably sounds miles removed from religion and spiritual. However, just scratch the surface and you will discover a world of pious places. In fact, the churches in Goa alone have turned into hot hubs of sightseeing attractions. So, here’s presenting some of the most well known of Goa churches.

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Basilica of Bom Jesus

This one may well be the most famous of the churches in Goa. The most interesting attraction here is the chapel where there is a silver casket with the mortal remains of St Francis Xavier. Granite, gold, stone, and wood has been used in the architecture and for decorative purposes. Scenes from the life of the saint is depicted through portraits adorning the walls of the church. There is also a wooden statue of St Francis Xavier inside the church as well as an altar of St Anthony.

Mary Immaculate Conception Church

This beautiful church became all the more famous in the Goa tourism scene after certain portions of a famous Bollywood movie starring ‘Shah Rukh Khan’ were shot here. The Mary Immaculate Conception Church looks all the beautiful in the night when it is lighted up with scores of little electric bulbs. The church is at its liveliest when ‘Feasts’ are celebrated. A couple of these famous feasts are the ‘Feast of Our Lady Of Fatima’ and ‘the Feast of The Immaculate Conception’.

Our Lady of Rosary Church

The Our Lady of Rosary Church also has its special place amongst the different churches in Goa. It is said that St Francis Xavier, the patron Saint of Goa, taught catechism here to his followers. Try to visit on 3rd November as is it is Feast Day here. The church turns into an extravaganza of dances, band plays, fashion shows, mimicry performances, and ice cream eating competitions. Children get to have a gala time on the ferris wheels and merry go rounds.

Church of Rachol

This church is located in Margao. Originally, it was dedicated to All Saints, while the present one here is dedicated to St Ignatius of Loyola. Visiting the church also gives you the chance to indulge in some adventure by checking out an underground pass here. This pass opens into the Rachol Fortress. The Seminary of Rachol is situated close by where Christian missionaries are imparted religious education. Furthermore, a mini museum inside the Rachol Seminary makes for some more interesting sightseeing.

St Cajetan Church

Yet another highlight of religious Goa tourism. Heard about St Peter’s Basilica in Rome? Well, the St Cajetan Church has an uncanny resemblance to the Rome’s St Peter’s Basilica. There is a high vault here with the inscriptions ‘My House Is A House Of The Words Of Christ’. The effect is simply spectacular. There are altars dedicated to different saints such as St. Agnes, St. Cajetan, St. John, Holy Family, Our Lady Of Piety and St. Clare. When you set about exploring the churches in Goa, make sure that you don’t miss this one.

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