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Things to do in Mauritius

Fancied by filmmakers and movie buffs alike, the breathtakingly beautiful island of Mauritius stands as lighthouse in azure waters of Indian Ocean. This one of the highly admired tourist destinations in the world could be the finest examples of unadulterated natural beauty and tourists keep pouring their love and admiration by taking flights to Mauritius. This darling destination hugged by Indian Ocean enchants tourists of every sort.

Here we are giving a lowdown on adventure options in Mauritius that add some indelible moments to your memory.


Deep sea fishing:

If you are someone with a love for deep sea fishing you have hit the gold by getting to Mauritius. And your hosts will be none other than sharks, yellow tuna, the Bonitos, the ‘emperor’, the ‘pélerin’, the ‘bécune’ or the barracuda. With some major world fishing records (IGFA) in its kitty, the destination is a Mecca for those want to have a hand on experience of deep sea fishing.

Quad biking:

If biking on a tour excites you then you should immediately book a flight to Mauritius where you can test your guts with adventurous Quad biking. Explore the most breathtaking landscape on a bike. So get set for a heart pounding experience.

In the lion’s den

Seeing a lion in the zoo is one thing and spotting it in its natural setting is another. But don’t get worried about your safety as there are enough measures to ensure your safety. Walk with the lion or observe the behaviour of lions you will enjoy the every moment of your trip. The tourists should visit Mauritius Safari Adventures and Casela Nature and Leisure Park where you can come closer with lions.

Zip-line rides:

If you need another shot of adventure you should opt for Zip Line rides. The experience will add spice up your tours. The rides allow you to cross river, trees and skyscrapers. Visit Casela Adventure Park and Saint Felix sugar estate in South Mauritius and give these adventurous stuffs a try.

Scuba diving:

The adventures in Mauritius don’t ends here, as its treasure is full of adventure options that include Scuba diving. With crystal clear ocean waters and standard safety measures the island of Mauritius has become one of the most sought after destinations for scuba diving.

Sky diving

If sky is the only limit for adventure activities for you than Mauritius could be an ideal place to explore as it offers you a chance to skydive at a height of 10,000ft. The whole experience is nothing sort of extraordinary.

Watch dolphins in their natural settings:

This trip is going to be one of the most exhilarating experiences you can have. Make a trip to Tamarin Beach, on the west coast where you can see black dolphins and long beaked dolphins in their natural settings.

Tourists book first class flights to Mauritius to explore the country which appears as a fairyland and has enough options to test your guts. So awake the adventurer in you and visit this destination which offers numerous gut testing activities to indulge in.

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